Simon Sarris

What's new:

πŸ“― In October 2022 I have launched Careful Words, a slightly more inspired thesaurus, that contains lots of historical quotes and poetry alongside synonyms. I intend to curate it heavily over time.

πŸ“― I have started a newsletter. It shall be a stromata of anecdotes, fables, tales, advice if you ask for it, photography, questions, sentiment, and ways to get lost in the forest. Some of it will be private. Some will be legible. Not too legible I hope.

Some highlights:

In Praise of the Gods: What the Rationalistic World Forgot, the stupor of rationality β€’ stories, building intuition β€’ alchemy, building process β€’ religion, building wonder β€” Why rationalism is overdone, how to build your intuition, why I call myself an alchemist, and how I think about religion.

Long Distance Thinking, True things are disclosed slowly.

The Most Precious Resource is Agency, The world is a very malleable place.

That Which is Unique, Breaks

Familiarity and Belonging

Where to Live

Photography Workflow, I detail how I edit photos, and recommendations for new photographers

On the Usefulness of Photography, Photography is a magical art and an underrated tool: Combined with modern photo storage it is the biggest boost to memory since the invention of writing. I have for you here some notes on it’s usefulness and the art.

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