Simon Sarris


Sacred things, making things, photography, kalopsía.

I can be found on Twitter. I can be contacted by driving around new hampshire and shouting my name or else simonsarris at gmail works too.

At work I make: GoJS, a JavaScript/TypeScript diagramming library for the web. My resume is here.

Simeville, which you behold, is based on a 1550's painting by Sebastian Münster of Speyer, Germany. We find great consolation in landscape, don't we? And architecture, good or bad, twists and turns our moods.

The background uses no JavaScript in its interactivity, only CSS transitions and animation written by hand. When I have time I will replace it with a more interesting Canvas version.

This site uses no media queries. I apollo for any hiccups experienced.

In labouring to be concise, I become obscure.


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