The most amazing thing

I live my life in a state of constant, quiet amazement. Almost everything is impressive to me, from the last book I read to the last soup I ate. I don’t get bored, and am often happy to just sit and think about things, pretty much any thing.

It’s just reached midnight in New Hampshire, and “yesterday” the Galaxy Nexus was released for Verizon in the United States.

I’m sure to lots of people this is just yet-another-android-phone. Or for many its simply an upgrade from one gadget to the next. People will yawn, or fawn, or get on with their lives with or without it. I myself would probably be pleased as Punch with just about any modern smartphone.

Yesterday I bought a Galaxy Nexus, my first smartphone and second-ever cellphone.

Learning to set my alarm for tomorrow morning, I find myself reflecting. I really am completely in awe. Starstruck. I am a computer person, and here is a thing more powerful than most of the computers I have ever owned.

In New Hampshire 4G was rolled out Wednesday or so my coworkers tell me. The data capabilities of the phone are impressive to me, but then again 56k speeds on the phone would not be any less impressive. How could they be?

Somehow I have made it almost to 2012 without owning a GPS or an MP3 player or a pocket camera. It’s not that I’m against them, I just never found much need. Now I have a device with a scope and power so large I cannot believe it is this small.

The age of “wondering why” is over. This is instant portable access to the largest knowledge and communication infrastructure in the world. A rough approximation of the sum of human knowledge is literally carried along in my pocket. I can express and communicate and learn from anywhere. At my desk, in my bed, on the road, in the woods.

How is this not the most amazing thing?

4 thoughts on “The most amazing thing

  1. Anonymous

    It sure is “one of the most amazing things” but only until we put it into some use. We have so many resources at our disposal that if we use them correctly, God knows where we would be. But the most important thing is even if we lack some resources, we must know how to get the best out of what we have. Did our ancestors wait for a pen to be invented to write beautiful poems? No, they picked out a feather that fell from a bird and started writing! So, resources tell only part of a story; you’ve gotta know how to make something out of them.

  2. Oleg

    I’m with you on that one… have been in computers for decades and still am in awe of what these new devices can do (and do do).  I had HTC Aria, which is a very incompetent device by today’s standards and still able to do many things… just upgraded it to Samsung Galaxy S II and it’s even more amazing.  Now I just need to get Transformer Prime and I should be set… at least for a little while 😉

  3. pauldwaite

    “How is this not the most amazing thing?” It is. “The age of “wondering why” is over.” Yup, it totally kills speculative pub conversations.


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