Simon Sarris


Gallery coming soon. For now, there's Instagram.

I post lots of documentary-style photos to twitter, such as Pictures of Home and photo-blogging my Home, the first year.

I advocate at-least-one-photo-a-day, partly because it teaches us to notice our surroundings more, partly for the huge boost to memory, partly because looking back on the record of normal day to day life is its own kind of beautiful. Your own aesthetic tastes are a kind of self discovery, and one of the best ways to exercise this self discovery is through photography. It compels you to ponder what is meaningful and beautiful in your surroundings. Once you know this, you can make them more beautiful. I share photos because I want to make people feel wonder and emotions that are difficult to put into words but feel very right to "show." If you see and capture them you can show that they exist as part of the landscape, that emotions surround us, they are not just internal.

Photos, like paintings, help you see the moods that inhabit the world.


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