Simon Sarris

Goals for 2021

Some context: Me and my wife bought some former haying fields overrun with pines and built a house there. We have been doing all the landscaping ourselves, which will take years, and now we are starting to build out a small farm.

Goals are numbered only in the order I thought of them. I will try to update this page as I succeed or fail. You can see the pass/fail of last year's goals here: Goals for 2020.

I hope to keep the goals for 2021 more focused. These are roughly in order of ability to accomplish within the year:

  1. Build a much larger bird house and acquire an army of geese.
  2. Build a second 'pond' area by damming the second stream better, make waterfall and stream more beautiful.
  3. Build beautiful field of flowers out front (already started this).
  4. Build a shrine to Saint Marinus.
  5. Continue to clear the fields and acquire sheep, if possible! Build sheep shelter.
  6. Finish simeville and make it the website background for
  7. Finish book of fables and tales (started in 2020 via newsletter).
  8. Build dry stone arch bridge.


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