It’s been exactly one year since I began writing HTML5 Unleashed. I’m finally done everything, and it will be in stores next month. The Kindle edition is already available!

The book has all its code samples and images printed in full color. The text is packed with knowledge wrought from my HTML5 Canvas expertise (150+ pages on Canvas alone, including a multitude of common issues and little tricks gained from my work and my time on StackOverflow*). There are also separate chapters on Canvas interactivity and performance lisinopril medication.

In the future I might write more about my experiences with the process. It’s been an interesting and exhausting year.Укладка дикого камня

* I’ve been unable to answer much on StackOverflow during the last year but I’m still the only person to have a gold badge for Canvas and one of two people to have a gold badge for HTML5. A year ago I had answered more than 10% of all canvas questions ever asked on SO (its now at 7%). This is going on my resume under the heading “poor time management”!


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